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24/08/19 Version 3.02

The app ties student History accounts with existing PiXL Maths credentials. Moving forward you will need just 1 account to access all PiXL apps (dependent on whether your school has access to a specific app). Staff will need to ensure that students have been uploaded to the central register and have been allocated to a History class to be able to access this app.

Also in this update we have changed how staff will interact with student information making the data we store more secure.

18/02/19 Version 1.71

American West has now been added. Staff will need to add this to the revision list via "Class admin" -> "Activity select".

Staff scoreboard now includes a toggle between engagement points and achievement score.

Staff can edit the points of individual students now through "Edit a student" under "Class admin".

Students can now link their Geography App account to their Maths App account (editable under their profile). Eventually students will be prompted to use their Maths App account details to access all apps. For now the link is being made.

14/11/18 Version 1.66

Improved menu interaction: Finally sussed the scroll pane for mobile/tablet!! You can now use your finger to scroll through the menus without it triggering the button. The button will now only be triggered once the button has a definite press.

18/03/18 Version 1.53

New database behind the scenes.

New points system - all about engagement, even if it is with questions already done.

Staff now have the capability of controlling more using "Admin control" under "Class lists" - resetting progress data, resetting engagement points, removing "Deleted" and also the clean slate.

16/06/17 Version 1.31

Fixed an issue that resulted in the app crashing when viewing pdf reports.

Fixed an issue with editing your profile - the allowed characters for passwords and emails now match login or password retrieval restrictions.

12/06/17 Version 1.0

- Began development.

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