What is the PiXL History App?

Get a better understanding of what the tool is and how it can help you.


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The PiXL History App is a resource that puts the power of PiXL in the hands of the people that can make a difference...YOU!

Whether you are a member of staff or a student, the tool enables you to identify strengths and areas to develop within the History curriculum.

The app has been built to identify areas of strength and weakness within History and to accurately display this information to the learner and to class teachers. The tool has a bank of built in questions that assesses 6 topic areas using 7 different engaging activities. The topic areas include: Russia, Elizabeth, Medicine, Western Front, Norman England and USA.

One of the strongest parts of the app is the ability to promote engagement. The built in scoreboard feature enables schools to quickly monitor the use both at staff and student level.

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